Short Stories


The Road Won

The Road Won is a fractured story about a man whose mind is likely deteriorating in realtime as we follow him right after a major event, as well as his faulty remembrances of the events four days before. We come to know him like the stranger we meet rambling at a passing bar, unsure what to take as fact and what to take as derangement.

“Mine was not the one that killed her.”

During the summer months of 2017, I took a drive in my beat up Mazda 6 across the United States, starting in my hometown of New York City, winding northwest through Indiana and Minnesota, down through Colorado and Nevada, ultimately stumbling up through all that is California before hightailing it back across the country once again. This story was birthed only out of my desire to keep a memento of that time on the road, a time that was uniquely different than my time on the road as part of a touring band. Though this story is not autobiographical, I do hold it dear to my heart (which may require further inspection given how dark a tale this is...) and hope that you take some enjoyment from it as well.