Asa Daniels

Asa Daniels is a singer-songwriter and also calls himself a writer. Laugh whenever prompted.


What Is This?

Well, for starters, it's a website. Which is a page on the internet. Surely you knew that.

Beyond that, it is my website. A virtual place to put all of my writing, my music, my gangly, ugly, desperate-to-be-loved creations. And they won't be alone: I'll also post the creations of collaborators, artists I admire, and people I find genuinely worth sharing. Think of this as somewhere I can post and organize all of these thoughts—or those things vaguely resembling ideas—and you, glorious you, the reader, the listener, you can read and listen to them! Isn't that wonderful? Think of all the fun we can have here! I am of the belief that this will be a splendid adventure for all of us, you and me and her and even you over there! What could possibly go wrong?


Why Is This?

Another great question, dear reader. This exists because, you see, I have these notebooks, see, and I have ideas in those notebooks—stay with me—and I have turned some of them into things that exist outside of those notebooks and I want to share them with you. Some of them have taken shape as scripts, for shorts, for TV shows, for plays and musicals and all that jazz. Others find themselves in the form of short stories or blog posts or whatever else I stumble my way into. 

Also: because why not, that's why. Smart-ass. 


“One day, he kinda, I don't know, he kinda just started calling himself a writer.”

His loved ones  |  concerned


Right. Cool. But who is this guy again?

Singer-songwriter Asa Daniels is a multi-instrumentalist best known for his work as the creative force behind the funk-rock touring dynamo, Baked Goods, which he founded along with Dan Janis in 2012. He writes the band's lyrics, melodies, and music, as well as doubling as the touring van driver as the band traverses thousands of miles, playing to crowds across the United States, at colleges and festivals and everywhere in between. In May of 2017, the band released their latest EP, A Vivid Hallucination, which was produced by James Meslin (Dream Theater) and under the guide of Richie Cannata (Billy Joel, Beach Boys) at his Cove City Sound Studios.  

In addition to music, Asa is a writer of screenplays and short stories. Aside from the world of entertainment, Asa also contributes thoughts and expertise regarding fintech and private markets for EquityZen, a premier platform for secondary transactions in pre-IPO companies. You can read his work on their blog


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