Q. Why do you think people would care about your work enough to warrant an entire website?

A. An over-inflated ego with a complex that demands the attention of others as a way to validate the art I create? I imagine there’s an element to self-preservation in all of this as well. The internet is forever. And having this little slice of the internet all to myself proves that I have at least mustered the courage to put some of these things out there. I’m also banking on schadenfreude to cash in a few more hits and drive sponsors (if you’re a brand that would like to pay for me, yes I can be bought, and for cheap…).


Q. so, this whole thing is an exercise in futility then?

A. Did you not read the impassioned speech above about courage and self-preservation? Look, here’s how I see it: if you cared enough to visit here, then I love you. If you did not visit here, I love you a bit less, but you’d never know because you never came here and saw this (otherwise you’d fall in the former group of those I love). Besides, maybe I can boost the signal of artists I enjoy via this tiny hole in the wall and that could turn some of you on to the next artist you obsess over. Isn’t it great when little quirky things like that happen? The end goal then is love and joy. And laughs. In the end, it’s all for fun, this life, so how could that be futile?


Q. can i reach out to you to collaborate on a project/idea/event?

A. If you rock with my work and think we’d make for a good partnership on a particular project, I’m certainly open to hearing about it. Use the Contact page to reach out. Please do not be offended if I do not reach back and/or am delayed in my response. I try and get back to as many folks as I can, but we’re all busy people, and life has a funny habit of getting in its own way.

Q. Do you have a favorite word, and if so, what is it?

A. Of course I have a favorite word. What am I, a psychopath?

My favorite word is: pulchritudinous. When you read the definition, you’ll know why.


Q. Are these questions really asked by multiple people? isn’t that what an faq section is for? or are you simply using this as a device with which you will air out any fleeting thoughts?

A. I have no idea what you’re talking about…

Q. final question.

A. That’s not a question, that’s a statement. You have played yourself. Much like the people who have gotten to the bottom of the FAQs on this here ridiculous idea of a website.