Here you will find the music I have created over the past years. This includes my work with Baked Goods, as well as any solo material and/or collaborations with other artists.


A Vivid Hallucination (EP)  

Baked Goods (2017)

A Vivid Hallucination is a sonic journey that accentuates a slight separation from reality, whether that be through anxiety, mental illness, or whimsical daydreaming. Each of these songs focus on the voices both inside one's head and outside. The lyrics and orchestrations attempt to capture the innate contradictions of mental health issues and present them in a way that the listener can feel, wrestle with, and enjoy. Led by booming drums and a captivating saxophone, Baked Goods mixes together a concoction of technical performance, excitingly eccentric rhythms, and stimulating lyrics that makes A Vivid Hallucination a record every music-lover can enjoy. The album was engineered, mixed, and produced by frequent collaborater James Meslin (Dream Theater). It was recorded under the guide of Richie Cannata (Billy Joel) in his studio, Cove City Sound Studios.

One of Those Things

Baked Goods (2015)

One of Those Things represents the journey of a young man as he matures through four years of college. Each song tells of a different chapter in the young man’s college career from the first night on the town to the sobering realization that he must now take what he’s learned and venture out into the real world. As the members of Baked Goods were all in college during the making of this record, the album offers the unique perspective of the extraordinary ups and downs of college life through the eyes of those living it every single day. Baked Goods pours in a medley of ripping solos, grooving vibes and carefree melodies that make One of Those Things an album every music-lover can enjoy.

Fresh Out of the Oven [Demo]

Baked Goods (2013)